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Chris Schambacher, Karl Wolf, Glenn Morrison - Gravity (Official Audio)

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'Gravity' is the musical landscape to our fall 2020 season, a beautiful record borne and written with celebrated multiplatinum record selling Juno Award Canadian musical heavyweights - Karl Wolf, Glenn Morrison, & Chris Schambacher on the cut. Euphoric highs with Karl's soaring vocals talk about love lost and love that will be, a message that resonates with all of us at points in our lives. We have this record servicing to terrestrial radio stations as of Wednesday October 28th, and for all of your CHR & HOT AC playlistings, we thank you for your continued support, as we are a Canadian owned label and this is CANCON content.

'Gravity' is the first single on the much anticipated debut artist album from internationally celebrated artist and musician Chris Schambacher. His sound has been crafted over the years to represent all that is forward thinking in modern day pop music, with refreshing collaborative musicians to shake up the pot enough that each record within the album feels as its though it can stand on its own in both uniqueness and emotional impact. With 'Gravity' featuring Karl Wolf and Glenn Morrison, both seasoned musicians and internationally renowned in their own right, the layers of depth on this record appeal to a global audience, and all we can ask is that you play this record LOUDLY.

For all things related to Chris Schambacher please go to his social media websites, and also the Last Arrival Records website for all merchandise giveaways and fan grabs.

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