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Electro Freestyle Music Radio Breakdance - TheCollageArt 24/7 !!!

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Welcome on ELECTRO FREESTYLE RADIO 24/7 my freestyle friends! :)
If you like it - dont forget to smash the like button, leave a comment and subscribe :)

Big thanks goes to daniraj_pk who dealt with all technical issues and made this radio a real project. Good job!
If you like my channel and if you want to support me, the stream and servers - please leave a tip here: or here: . It will help to keep this project alive.

Please support all of those artists (check below). Of course you can probably download music somewhere on the internet but if you really love freestyle and you want those amazing guys to create more productions - definitely BUY their tunes. Their tracks dont cost much (equivalent of 1 beer or chocolate) but every money spent help artists and keep them motivated and focused. We are big freestyle family and we have to support each other. Big thanks from all artists and from me :) TCA.


Shop full of amazing productions!
Shop with outstanding tunes from Atheris Energy project!
- OFFICIAL Atheris Energy youtube channel

A'GUN (Anton Aganin):
- Official A'Gun profile on VKontakte (russian language site)
- OFFICIAL channel. Don't forget to subscribe!
- Shop with many of A'Gun productions. It is a must for every fan!
- Official A'Gun profile on Facebook.
- Official A'Gun profile on Soundcloud.

B-BOY TRONIK (Artem Tiunov)
Google Play with some awesome BBT tunes!
Move Your Body! tune with all details!
Music Is My Life tune with all the details!

SYMPHOBREAKS (Tëma Kravchenko)
AMAZON with Symphobreaks amazing productions.
GOOGLE MUSIC STORE Its a must for all of his fans.
APPLE MUSIC Symphobreaks productions for Apple users :)

COSMIC EFI (Alexander Sergeev)
Here you can buy Cosmic productions.
Official page on Soundcloud. Full of great music!
Official Instagram channel.
OFFICIAL Cosmic EFI youtube channel

JAMIX PROJECT (Yevgeniy Mikhnonok)
- Crazy tune "Freaky" for sell!
- Tunes available on Spotify :)
- Amazing production available in Amazon.
- Jamix Project on Youtube Music
- Jamix Project on Deezer
- OFFICIAL channel of Jamix Project on Youtube
- Jamix productions on Google Play Music.

ATOMIC PROJECT (Evgeny Lapaev)
- Official Soundcloud profile. Many tracks to buy and listen.
- Amazing 'Breakin It Down' tune for sell on Amazon Music
- OFFICIAL Atomic Project channel on Youtube! Subscribe :)
- Atomic Project on Spotify

POWER OF MELODY (Stanislav Goltsov)
- Some tunes from PoM available in the shop.

The rest of the guys: RoPro46 (Roman Proskuryn), Style Sonic (Denis Revnyakov), Artem Porotikov, B-Boy Reezo (Gadzhi Khartumov), elSkemp (Konstantin Kuznetsov), kak2zz (Aleksey Semonov), Flex (Sergey Skibenko), Universal Breakers (Georgiy Korsunov) and others, also Polish artists (!) - if you stabilize the shop or if you wanna give some more details about your music/profiles lemme know. I will update the info. Thanks!

There are trance radios, pop, disco, dance available on youtube. Now we have our own radio too! Yeah! Electro Freestyle 4 Life! :)

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