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Hinahanap Hanap Kita - Rivermaya | Guitar Fills & Outro Tutorial with TABS

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Easy guitar tutorial for the guitar chorus fills & solo / outro from RIVERMAYA's classic song "HINAHANAP HANAP KITA", out of their 1997 album Atomic Bomb.
#HinahanaphanapKita #Rivermaya #GuitarTutorial

**Please listen to the video with headphones for better overall audio, and hear the awesome basslines more!
Click below to go directly to:
0:04 - Chorus 1 & 2 Fills with TABS
0:42 - Chorus 3 Fills with TABS
1:59 - Outro (Normal)
2:56 - Outro (Slow version with TABS)

Check my other Rivermaya guitar solo tutorial:
* KUNG AYAW MO WAG MO - https://youtu.be/TRYsUcNnLl8
* KISAPMATA - https://youtu.be/rmZrdUD9OSg

Disclaimer: I do not own the copyright for this song. This video was done for learning purposes only.

I learned the guitar solo (and basslines too!) only by ear. However, I did my very best to cover the solo as close to the original as I possibly can.

If any of you hear some differences or if you have some suggestions, please comment below and let me know!

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