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K-Pop Favorites - October 2020

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These are my favorite songs that were released this month! I hope you guys enjoy this video and let me know how many of my favorites are yours as well!

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Alien - Lee Suhyun
Cool - Weki Meki
Crazy Over You - BLACKPINK
Déjà Vu - NCT Dream
Do Re Mi - Seventeen
Do What We Like - TWICE
Faded In My Last Song - NCT U
Fuze - WEi
- VeriVery
Hell In Heaven - TWICE
HOME;RUN - Seventeen
Hug You - WEi
I Can't Stop Me - TWICE
Lovesick Girls - BLACKPINK
Love To Hate Me - BLACKPINK
Make a Wish - NCT U
Memories - Lee Eunsang & Kim Wooseok
Misfit - NCT U
Music, Dance - NCT 127
Nostalgia - DRIPPIN
Pretty Savage - BLACKPINK
Pump It Up - Golden Child
Queen - TWICE
Revolution - AleXa
Timeless - WEi
Twilight - WEi
Up No More - TWICE
Volcano - NCT U
Why Not? - LOONA
You Never Know - BLACKPINK

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