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Monday Cafe Indie/Pop Music | Positive & Uplifting Music

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Welcome to Monday Cafe here at Purfect Relaxation! This week we are bringing you one hour of indie pop vocals from a variety of bands. So sit back, or sharpen your pencils, and let your mind rock to the beat. Enjoy the day.

You can use our ambient soundscapes as screensavers, background noise, and sleep aides, or curl up with your favorite book and enjoy the sounds.

????For our visually impaired friends we are including a brief description of the screen before you. An image appears. Multi colors flowers cover a field of green grass. Two children play in the grass, chasing one another. Tall green trees are in the distance, disappearing up into rolling hills beyond. The sun begins to set, its yellow orb turning the sky vibrant colors of purple, pink, red, and orange. Rays dance from it among the clouds. The clouds move slowly across the sky. Dandelion blooms blow across the screen, being carried by an invisible breeze.

Sounds you might hear in this video: relaxing pop music that delivers a feeling of hope and positivity ????


You think back to your childhood when things were so much easier and stress was not a concern. Your friend comes over and wants to go to her favorite field to play. You spend the afternoon blowing dandelions and looking at the clouds. Rest and Relax.

Would you like to loop this video and make it longer? On desktop right click the video and select Loop. On Mobile devices create a playlist and add the video to it and you should be able to loop it. Enjoy!

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????Time Stamps

00:00:00 | Intro

00:00:03 | Dreamers Of The Shore - Volcan Peaks
00:02:51 | Better You - Sture Zetterberg
00:06:22 | We Were Meant To Be - Loving Caliber
00:10:01 | I Bet You're Cold - Gamma Skies
00:13:10 | I'm Dreaming Of You - Candelion
00:14:13 | Tangled Up In Dreams - Nikolas Jones
00:16:33 | We Talked Today - Just Normal
00:19:50 | Love You For It All - Daniel Gunnarsson
00:23:11 | We're Gonna Be Okay - Cody Francis
00:26:30 | Don't Waste My Time - Davon
00:29:45 | Faster Car - Loving Caliber
00:33:32 | It Will Be Fine In The End - Davon
00:37:04 | To Let You In - Volcan Peaks
00:40:21 | Lines In The Sand - Davon
00:43:45 | Autumn Dawn - Volcan Peaks
00:47:23 | The Wild - Birds Of Figment
00:50:42 | Summer City - Chasing Madison
00:53:32 | We'll Meet Again - Volcan Peaks
00:56:51 | Autumn Comes Too Soon - Jaydan Talley
00:59:36 | A Little Longer - Windshield

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Animation by Purfect Relaxation



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