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NEW Hytale IMAGES, Mobs & Biomes Blog Post | Hytale News Updates

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New Hytale BLOG POST with Images featuring never-before-seen MOBS, BIOMES, and even some hidden SECRETS, all in this month's Hytale News Update!

Welcome back to Kweebec Corner, my name is Connor. Today's Hytale News Update looks at the new July Blog Post, breaking down new in-game images and relating them back to Hytale Footage and Hytale Gameplay we've seen before, and taking a closer look at the new Hytale mobs and biomes. Hypixel have also revealed more information about the Hytale office, and we take a look at some Hytale community fan art as well.

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Thank you for all the attention recently. "18 Minutes of Hytale GAMEPLAY and FOOTAGE (Updated)" just hit 100k! "30 HUGE Differences between Hytale and Minecraft | Hytale Development Circle" has also received great support.

Hytale is an upcoming survival-adventure sandbox game from the creators of Hypixel and Minecraft's most popular server. Skywars, Skyblock and many more games have been made famous by the team, but how will they fair with their own game? Hytale is bound to be a huge success, but what amazing changes to the industry will it bring?

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