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(No) Christmas Sparkle - Tim Lee

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‘(No) Christmas Sparkle’
Charity single in aid of St. Francis Hospice

Around Christmas time last year, my good friend of 20 years, David Novan, passed away after a long battle with cancer.

David was a flamboyant, unique guy and one of the things he loved was a good dose of cheesy pop music.

So I thought I’d pay tribute to him with the cheesiest thing ever, a ‘Christmas Single,’ and donate any money earned to the wonderful St. Francis Hospice who cared for him so well in his last weeks.

If you would like a FREE copy of the song, please:

1. Donate what you can to www.sfh.org.uk/donate
2. Forward the thankyou email to timlee19@hotmail.com
3. I’ll email your link to a copy of ‘(No) Christmas Sparkle’ FREE!

Thank you for your support,

Tim x


Verse 1
You left on Christmas day,
A suitably dramatic way to leave this; your life's stage,
And not a single day goes by when,
I don't think of you and wonder why, this world seems so grey.

And there's no Christmas sparkle since you went away,
No point in singing 'Merry Christmas,' now it's just another day,
I reached up for the star but the star it had no light,
No ringing carol bells, now it's just a silent night, a silent night.

Verse 2
You held a unique glamour in a truly mundane world,
A shining narcissus flower for a time so undeserved,
A sweet complexity in far too short a life,
A beautiful irreverence with a sardonic smile,


A silent night
A silent night
A silent night
A silent night

Verse 1
You left on Christmas day,
A suitably dramatic way to leave this; your life's stage.

released December 1, 2019

Tim Lee - Vocals, Guitars, Keys
Derek Holmes - Guitar
Megan Lee and Jen Ogle - 'The Dabber Choir'
Rona Leftwich - Saxophone
Glyn Sutton - Drums, Keys, Guitar
Duncan Wilcox - Fretless Bass

Music and Lyrics by Tim Lee
Produced by Glyn Sutton

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